Comprehensive SAP solutions

From consulting to hotline

After comprehensive strategic consulting, we implement the SAP solution or we support you in the specific sub-area as part of an SAP launch. Including integration of warehouse technology in SAP.

Whether your SAP solution is to be implemented centrally or decentrally, whether it is to activate the warehouse technology directly or via a sub- system, or whether it is to manage a warehouse largely without automation – we have the right solution.

Our solution skills as an intralogistics specialist ensures for you the best possible use of the SAP standard software. Reducing your operating costs in the warehouse and increasing efficiency and quality is the focus of our actions.

To do so, we incorporate test and demo systems plus completed or iteratively growing prototypes into the project, customize your system for your requirements, develop on the ABAP workbench additional solutions or expansions for you, assure comprehensive tests, and support you during Go-Live and even later.

It goes without saying that we document your solution and train your users. We are also at your side for upgrades and release changes or when new patches are uploaded.