viad@t – The efficient warehouse management system (WMS) software

In order to manage and control a complete material handling system, viastore systems has developed viad@t, a contemporary, effective standard software that works with traditional and automated warehouses, order picking and material flow systems, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilties. viad@t can be modified for both small and large facilities and regardless of whether current systems are automated or manually operated.

viad@t is derived from 40 years of material handling experience and is upgraded and configured with ease. Its development is ISO 9001 and IFS certified and GAMP validated.

Because it is important for staff to have a system that is user-friendly, viad@t is easy to use and multilingual. It works apart from all operating systems, hardware, and databases. All necessary information about the software is available in both a manual and online help function.

HDE Logistics Center, Bamberg           Storage

Picking                                                       Picking with lifting device

Picking with forklift                                 Picking / Cantilever shelf